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BRTCWest is all about helping each other, and having fun. Sign up for one of the upcoming or ongoing activities. 

Under the show tab, you can post what shows you want to attend. If we join together we can make majors and get all our dogs points. We all can't win all the time, but we can certainly support each other all the time. With any luck, we will all have our turn in the spotlight. 

Write anytime with suggestions and questions.



Watch here for  upcoming social gatherings

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Learn the ins and outs in grooming your BRT for show or just being a happy pet. 

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We'll try to match you up with someone experienced in the breed for advise and encouragement

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Member Chats

We can hold a Zoom or in person get together to present a topic of interest



Reach out about the shows you want to attend and let's drum up some attendence. 

Something Else?

Are you into a different activity? 

Obedience? Rally, scent, agility? 

How about Barn Hunt, FastCat, weight-pulling, urban mushing, carting?

Therapy, service or K9 work?

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