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To apply for membership, please use the form below. You should hear back from us, within 7 days, regarding receipt. If you don't receive a response, please write to


Publication of applicants will be done by announcing them at 3 general meetings, and recording the announcements in the Minutes distributed afterwards. During this phase, members may contact the Membership Chair with any concerns or endorsements. 

Please note:

BRTCWest endeavors to be transparent within the club, and maintain a friendly, cooperative working environment. We welcome differences of opinion.  For, if we don't evaluate and consider new ideas, we'll make the same mistakes over and over.  

BRTCWest will not tolerate bad behavior, rudeness, non-sportsmanlike, or an unprofessional demeanor.  We have common goals, and we are passionate about these dogs.  We all want to have fun, compete, visit, brag and  learn. So there is no room here for egos and petty comments, gossiping, infighting,  or subterfuge.


Volunteer organizations, need the membership to be participants. We need members to help with leadership and also have feet on the ground when needed. Please be ready to participate with other members in shows, socials, mentoring, breed booths, getting donations, or sponsorships, etc.  Most importantly, attend meetings, so your voice and preferences are heard. 


We can best serve each other, when we know which directions to focus on, treat each other as friends, act responsibly and follow through on our commitments.  


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