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Caring friendships with people who love BRT's

BRTCWest is a club for owners and fanciers of Black Russian Terriers. Not just show dogs, but pets, and working dogs too. 

We strive to involve dog fanciers within a day's travel of our events by offering club shows, get togethers, and play in a more easily accessible geographical range than is usually available.

Founded in June of 2015, we have sponsored matches, trophies, awards, puppy play days, ATTS Temperament testing, Meet the Breeds booths, and informational materials at events. 

We offer mentoring to new puppy owners, breeding resources, behavior advice and a network of of other resources and contacts. 

We support the AKC and strive to bring dogs together to make bigger entries, and build majors for those with Championing their dog as the goal. 

To learn more about BRTCWest or the information we offer, please email us. The link is below. 

Thank you, 

Esther Jobrack, President

Gene Avakian, Vice President

and the Board of Directors

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